Hyrum has been doing and saying 1 funny thing after another. Last week while Mike was on a 2 day shift he asked if Dad was coming home this year. I've been wondering the same thing!

On Sunday I forgot the lifesavers that I give the kids after the sacrament. Hyrum asked for 1 and when Mike told them I had forgotten them he yelled "Why did Mom forget the candy?" Then he threw himself on the floor and told us not to look at him. I thought that was the end of it but he was still mad and said "How could she do that!?". "I don't like Mom anymore because she forgot the candy". At this point I give Mike the signal to get him out of here and he throws Hyrum over his shoulder and leaves. By now people are laughing. The Bishop was laughing so hard that he had his face turned to the side while he tried to gain composure. At least the ward has a sense of humor.

Then, on Monday we found Hyrum in the back yard burring and watering tennis balls. He wanted them to grow and make more for him to play with. It reminds me of the "magic goldimarols" !



Hyrum started pre-school this week. I went with him on Thursday to be a parent helper. They had outdoor play time for about 20 minutes and when time was up the teacher blew her whistle and all the kids lined up to go back inside. We counted the kids and 1 was missing. A quick scan of the playground showed no one there. We re-counted the kids and that is when I realized that it was MY kid that was mising!! He was hiding in the tube slide because he was not done playing outside. Smart kid. But, I hope he doesn't do it again!!