Ethan Turned 9!

This past Thursday we celebrated Ethan's 9th Birthday. He was thrilled to get golf lessons! What a grown up boy he has become. He was invited to have lunch with the school principal on his Birthday and had a great time. Thanks everyone for all the calls and gifts.

I had to add a picture of my sleeping beauty. She gets bigger everyday!

I wish I was sound asleep like her! This has been a longgggg week. Trips to the vet, Ethan's big day, back to school night, cub scouts, piano lessons, and a Primary activity! Whew, all that on my own while Mike is in Nashville to visit friends. Now I am ready for a break!


When should you say Goodbye?

Here is our sweet dog Buddy! Yesterday I took him to the vet because he was in so much pain he could barely move. I thought he had re injured his hip(it was broken as a puppy). The vet did x-rays and found that Buddy has some pretty bad back problems. Something that can't be fixed with surgery, but can be helped with steroids and pain meds but it will be a problem for the rest of his life. They also found that he needs a left knee replacement. Since his right hip was broken as a puppy he has been using the left leg to protect the right hip and now his knee is in terrible shape. So, the big question we now face is how much work do we put into this dog to patch him together and what quality of life will he have from here on out. It was a hard day yesterday. Dogs like Buddy are rare, patient with the kids,calm and loving. I would hate to say goodbye.


1st Day of School

Once again, I've sent my boys off to begin another school year. They wanted to wear matching clothes on the first day of school! Ethan looked so good in his new red and black glasses. He started 4th grade this year and is really liking it so far. Hyrum is in 1st grade and his teacher is gone on maternity leave. He is supposed to have a long term sub for the first 6 weeks and we are only in the 2nd week of school and his sub was given a permanent teaching position in Kindergarden and now he was a new sub! I am worried about how many teachers his class will go through this year.
Julia has her backpack and was ready to go to school along with the boys. She cried when we took her out of the classroom!
Mike was able to arrange his schedule so that he could help me take the boys to school that morning. He likes to be there to meet their teachers too.

Princess Julia is all about dressing up lately. She tells me she is a princess and is special. She likes to wear princess shoes and dress' all day(and night) and I love it!