10 Years of Bliss! or something like that!

So it all began in Rexburg, Idaho a little over ten years ago when I asked Mike to dance and he said no. If only he had realized then that he would be paying for that answer all these long years later! He proposed to me on this little bridge at the nature park and we were married 4 months later.

It was a beautiful, sunny March day for Idaho and there was no snow on the ground.

We lived in Rexburg a little over a year while Mike got his Paramedic degree and I worked as a beautician. Then we moved to California and welcomed our first child Ethan.

Only 3 years after we were married we were lucky enough to buy our first home. It was definitely a fixer-upper! This is the stove/oven from the kitchen -scary! We put so much work into that house and loved being homeowners.

Mike spent 10 crazy weeks in the fire academy and still worked nights at AMR to give us an income. We were both thrilled when he became a fireman in July 2002.

Here he is after a 36 hour shift!

This is us with Ethan waiting to go into a Wiggles concert. I remember watching their shows over and over again!

After only about a year and a half in our first home, we bought our second home and 2 weeks later added another son to our family, Hyrum. Our sweet Hyrum changed our lives and tightened our bond like we never imagined. He had surgery at 1 day old and spent 2 weeks recovering in the NICU. Bringing him home from the hospital was one of the happiest days of my life. He taught us so many lessons like love, patience, faith and hope. What a blessing he is to us.

A year later we celebrated our 5 year anniversary in England, Scotland and Ireland. It was an amazing trip. We love traveling together!This is outside Kensington Palace.

We spend time every summer at the beach or the lake. It is time that we treasure with the family. Summer 2004

The boys were such good playmates and grew so fast. Easter 2005

Hyrum is definitely the mischief maker! Here he is sitting in a cat box right after we got kittens. They keep us on out toes.

We were blessed to buy a brand new home in 2005. We were so happy to not have to fix up another house. Mike prepared to become an Engineer with the fire department and passed the test the first time. He makes me so proud with how hard he works to support us.

Through the years there are the trips to Rexburg every winter for sledding and skiing! We love to go home to visit my family.

Mike and I were finally blessed with a little girl, Julia. She has brought our family so much joy and made us feel complete. I love to look at our family and think back at all we have done in the past 10 years. It is amazing how the time has flown by. The ups & downs have made us who we are today and I wouldn't change a thing. I could not have asked for a better husband to share my life with. He is my best friend and an amazing partner in this crazy life. We are spending our 10 year anniversary in Niagara Falls ( we leave next week). I am still so excited to spend time with you Mike and I love you. Love, Rebecca



So last week was filled with the kind of excitement that no parent likes. Sick kids and a trip to the ER were on the agenda. Hyrum started a fever about a week and a half ago and then got a terrible cough. This went on for about 5 days then one night he woke up coughing and barely able to breath, I told Mike he should go to the Emergency room. They spent 2 1/2 hour there and found out he had pneumonia. (The same night Julia had come down with a fever a thrown up on Mike while I was out to dinner with friends. )Mike and Hyrum got home at 5:30am and Mike had to go to work that day after having no sleep. I had to go to the local pharmacy with the 2 sick kids to fill Hyrum's prescriptions and when I got there they said one of the drugs wasn't approved for children under 12. So the pharmacist calls the ER to talk to the DR and verify that Hyrum needs this drug or see if it is a mistake and the hospital says they don't have a doctor by that name working there! I spent an hour and a half waiting while they called each other back and forth trying to straighten the mess out. The kids were exhausted and grouchy and it was one of those moment where in sucks to be a parent! I have to report that everyone is healthy now and Hyrum is happy to be back to school. Who knew he would have been begging to go back to school again!?