Our bug is wearing a cute outfit from Grandma. We call her our rolly-polly bug becase she rolls and scoots herself all over the floor! The boys love handing her toys and making her smile.

The Birthday Boy

On Monday we had a swim party for Ethan's 7th Birthday. It was a rowdy group!! 8 little boy's makes for a real houseful. They all had a great time and I even found time for a dip in the pool around 8pm when all the excitement was over. Ethan is growing up so fast -- next year will be the BIG 8!!!


Growing like a weed

Julia is almost 5 months now. What a sweet baby! She is eating baby cereal and rolling all over.She has an attitude though. She cried the whole time I was at back to school night with Ethan and we ended up having to leave. Hard to believe someone with such a cute face can be so naughty!!!



So, I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest. But today was anything but. Mike worked today which leaves me with 3 kids to entertain, clean, and get to church....on time I might add. I woke up with a migrain that I couldn't get rid of which just adds to the fun. So, I was doing great, had the boys in the tub and Julia dressed and fed and in her jumper toy so I could get myself dressed. I heard her crying and went to check on her when I saw it.........Like a mud slide under the jumperoo!!! She had a major diaper blowout all down her legs and on the floor and she had been jumping in it. The worst part was her beautiful white lacey church socks were now yellow. Clean-up was a major undertaking, I had to break out or steam cleaner for the carpet. Well, all the delays made us late for church ,but we were there in time for Primary. Isn't being a mom FUN!!!!???


Ethan has been in 2nd grade for 2 weeks now. He is doing great with only an occasional warning from his teacher for talking. I know it's not his fault he is a chatterbox - he comes by it honestly! The boys are both in soccer - I am the taxi driver! it's hard to believe Hyrum will be in school next year too, time goes by soooo fast.