Growing like a weed

Julia is almost 5 months now. What a sweet baby! She is eating baby cereal and rolling all over.She has an attitude though. She cried the whole time I was at back to school night with Ethan and we ended up having to leave. Hard to believe someone with such a cute face can be so naughty!!!


teamstowell said...

Wow, the summer just flew by didn't it?! Julia looks so darling, we just can't wait to meet her.
The first day back to school looked like fun...too bad y'all had to leave the lake!
Thanks also for the Ireland info!

Beth said...

She's a brat cause you keep buying her tons of hairbows. While you think they are cute, really they are cutting the circulation off of her head - so of course she's mad!

teamstowell said...

okay, we're hooked. Now feed our need with some new pics!! We love you guys!!