Julia Kathleen is 18 months

Wow! How time has flown. Our baby is an independent little girl big enough for the nursery now. She likes to push dollies in the baby stroller, feed herself, put on her shoes, climb into the tub, go down the slide,and watch baby einstein dvd's . She says a new word every day ( sit down is the latest one) and we can't believe how grown up she is.


Home from the hospital

On Saturday evening both Pam and Isabelle were released from the hospital. The baby had been let go from the NICU Friday evening into Pam's room after she had improved how much she was eating and they took her out from under the light for being jaundice. So, now they are finally home enjoying some time together.


Baby Isabelle

On Monday morning we welcomed our niece,baby Isabelle, into the world with a rush of emotion. She is 6 pounds 11 ounces 19 inches long and has a head full of dark hair! After about 6 hours of labor the baby's heart rate wasn't stable and they took Pam in for an emergency c-section,Jonathan didn't even have time to call anyone and let they know what was happening. The baby wasn't breathing when she was born and was sent off to the NICU. Then doctors discovered that Pam had suffered a jagged tear to her bladder that was causing severe bleeding and they began surgery to stop the bleeding and do necessary repairs. This was a very critical and scary time and she spent hours in surgery and lost a lot of blood. Mike and I were able to see them on Tuesday morning. Pam is looking good but is in a lot of pain and has only been able to hold the baby once. Baby is being watched probably for 1 more day to make sure she eats well and isn't jaundice. They will probably be in the hospital until Friday. I know that a lot of you that read our blog are long time friends of the Taylor family and would like to know this information. Please send your prayers and well wishes on to Pam and Jonathan at this time, they are going through a lot. Seeing their baby in the NICU brought back all the memories of our son Hyrum being there and it is a hard thing for a parent to go through. We love you Pam, Jonathan and Isabelle and we hope you are all home soon!