Rexburg 2008

Yes, we made the long drive to Idaho again! We go in the winter to remind ourselves how much we love the California weather. The first thing on our To - Do list was bowling. The boy's think it is the greatest thing in the world. Hyrum is sporting some neon shoes here. The crazy shoes add to the fun!
Baby swap!!!! I'm holding Porter and Val has Julia. They are practically the same size, but julia is 6 months older! Val came from Idaho Falls with her kids so that the cousins could play together. They don't see eachother very often but they play like best friends when they get together.

Hyrum, Ethan, Chloe and Zach playing in the snow at Granny's house. It was chilly!!!!!!!!!

She smiles like she is feeling great, but Julia was pretty sick during our visit. On day 3 I took her to Community Care and found that she had RSV. She spent the vacation doing breathing treatments and taking all kinds of medecine. Mike and I didn't get much sleep with a restless baby in our room. She is almost over it now though.

Mike's parents were in Idaho the same time as us to bring Allison back to school. They let the kids swim at their hotel. This is Rick, Ethan, Hyrum and Daniel with their best silly faces. A big thanks to Rick and Daniel for providing so much entertainment for my boy's while we were there!

A little snow bunny. Not impressed with the cold snow!

Hyrum and Ethan have a great Dad that took them sledding twice. One time was on his 30th birthday. He is such a good dad to them and gave up a ski day to take the kids sledding one more time. Thank you Daddy.

Here is the beautiful Rexburg Temple - the real reason for our trip in the middle of freezing January. We took the boys to the open house and they thought it was great. Mike and I got to help my parents usher at the Temple on Friday night. They are some of the cordinators for the open house and have been very busy lately. We got to stand in the Celestial room as the tour groups went by. Mom even let me see the Bride's room which is not on the tour. The Temple is so big and really beautiful. We really had a wonderful visit and were glad to spend so much time with family.