We took the kids to Idaho for Fall Break. I got to go home! The first time in 2 years!!! It was a wonderful trip. Started out with a stop at Mike's Aunt and Uncle's house in Leeds , Utah. Mike and his Dad were running the St. George Marathon ( AGAIN!!!) The kids were shown a whole new world at Roger and Susan's house. They have horses, chickens, honey bees, cats and dogs, and......4 WHEELERS!!!!!! They were in heaven and we were so blessed that they were kind enough to let us stay. Day 2 we went to SLC and picked up my sister Beth and here beautiful baby boy known at our house as Baby Isaac. They rode with us up to Mom and Dad's in Rexburg. Great visit with family, met my new sister-in-law, lost of shopping at the amazing craft stores, tour of BYUI campus ( once the boys saw the cafeteria they were sold on attending school there!). The kids got to do one of Papa's favorites: FISHING!!!! Their cousins from Idaho Falls came along and Mike went to help keep an eye on everyone! They all caught some fish and our Julia especially loved it. My brother Daniel took the boys rock climbing. Rick took them to the park and taught them how to jump out of the tree house onto the trampoline! Tim and his new wife spoiled them with ice cream and came with us to I Jump. This is a place with wall to wall trampolines, a dodge ball court and foam pits to jump into. It was a blast!! They could have played for hours. I loved watching the dodgeball!!! Mike has some serious moves!!!!! I also enjoyed some time with Beth and Val getting our nails done. Girl time with no babies thanks to Granny! Lastly, we went to Big Jud's, a college student favorite. It look our whole family to eat the burger! The only one missing was Samantha. It would have been perfect if she had been there too. So the trip was great and I'm sure we will be planning another very soon!


Making a Life Change

This year has been a year of big changes when it comes to my health. In January, I got serious about loosing the rest of the baby weight and joined weight watchers and started running and doing P90X. I started to feel good and slowly started looking better. It was hard to make that choice everyday to workout and watch what I eat. By June my running had improved a lot and I started to think I might be able to run a 5K. I got the guts to sign up for a local Firecracker run on the 4th of July and it felt great! I did my second 5K last weekend and improved on my time. This coming weekend I will do my first triathlon! It is a mini-tri. 5K run, 14 mile bike ride and 150 meter swim. I have loved challenging myself and doing things I've never done before. I realized the other day that I'm not on a "diet" or "weight loss program". I have made a life change and have been doing it for almost a year! It feel great to know that things I thought were impossible are possible! I am down 35 pounds since Lottie was born and have lost 24 inches total. It feels good!


Shaver Lake 2012

Shaver Lake is always one of the high lights of our summer. We have been going since Hyrum was 1, so thats 8 years now. This year was a little different without Kaley there. She always loved the time with all the family. We counted on her to bring DVD's , games and she was always reading the latest good book! It is fun to go back to somewhere you all spent time together and think back on the memories. But, it is also hard to look around at everyone and know that someone is missing. It was so good of Jeffery to join us. It would have been even harder without him there. The kids loved the time spent with all the cousins. It is such a blessing to be able to make special memories together.


Oasis of the Seas

So the last few times I have tried to load pictures I've had problems. Now I am behind and need to catch up on all our fun summer trips! Mike and I have been looking forward to our cruise without the kids for about 9 months. It was everything we hoped for. We were on the biggest cruise ship in the world and it was amazing! An outdoor boardwalk, lots of shopping, 2 wave maker pools for surfing, zip line, mini golf, arcades, lots of pools, great entertainment and food any hour of the day! We had Mike's best friend from high school, Nick, and his wife Kristin go with us. So much fun reconnecting with them. It was nice to have another girl around! We stopped at a private island in Haiti and spent the day lounging and swimming. In Jamaica we toured a plantation and saw Dunns River Falls. A beautiful waterfall that ends on the beach. We also went to the ancient ruins of Tulum at our stop in Cozumel. So amazing, and a view overlooking the ocean. I could go on and on about all the new experiences and fun we had but I mostly want to say that I recommend all couples take the time to get away from the kids!!!! We needed that time together away from lifes distractions. A time to relax, regroup and come home ready to be a better parent and spouse. Loved it!


Summer Vacation

We had a fun family trip to Utah to visit my new nephew Isaac. He is adorable and we loved getting to know him. We also went to a fun children's museum ( more like a fabulous play place). The kids loved the grocery store and kid sized house. There was lots to do there. Our favorite place was This Is The Place Monument. They panned for gold, rode ponies, saw a blacksmith at work, had a lesson in the school house and even washed some laundry by hand!


Lottie turns ONE!!!!!

My baby girl turned ONE!!!! She is such a fun little person to have around. She is an easy going girl and has completed our family! I love that her siblings still fight over whose turn it is to hold her! She is loved so much.


Our Buddy

It has been a crazy few month. Part of that was saying goodbye to our Buddy-boy. The best dog ever,period. His seizures had reached a point that we knew it was time to say goodbye. Hard for the kids to take when just weeks before they lost their Aunt. It is these unfortunate times that give you the chance to talk about the important things in life and what we believe in after this life.


A few Easter pics. I have wanted to do sailor outfits forever and finally did it for the girls! I love the pic of Lottie scrunching her nose! We call it her piggy face!
About a month ago Julia had a big haircut. Took off 9 1/2 inches. She loves it and looks adorable!


LA Zoo

For spring break we took the kids to the zoo and the observatory. It was an awesome day!!!!


Our Florida Trip

We did it!!! We made it to Florida, had a great time at the hotel and the parks. Thought I would share just a few pics from the trip.