I Hope They Call Me On A Mission......

We took a quick trip to Rexburg (driving at night) to spend a few days with Tim before he goes into the MTC today. It was so good to be there. I helped him pack up his room and get a few last minute things ready. He gave an amazing talk on Sunday. So calm and composed, his thoughts were put together so well. He is ready to be out there sharing the gospel and I am soooo excited for him and happy that he made the decision to serve the Lord. The kids had so much fun, as usual. They went with Papa to Father's and sons outing. Camped out in the bunkhouse almost every night. Went to the neighbors house that is an animal rescue. Mike went paint balling with my brothers and friends. I got the chance to do some wedding dress shopping with my sister Sam. It was a busy and fun filled weekend. We had a great time with everyone and can't wait to get together again at the reunion this July! Oh, and it snowed while we were there!


Rexburg...here we come!

We are heading home today. Back to good old Rexburg, Idaho. Going up to say goodbye to my brother Tim. He is leaving for the MTC on Wendsday and then on to Mesa, Arizona. It will be good to see everyone: brothers, sisters, grandparents etc. I love going back to Rexburg. It is so slow paced and quiet compared to California. And the best part is always eating at my favorite restaurant, Fong's!



Hyrum Owen Taylor or HOT turned 7 on Saturday. The day he was born changed our lives forever. At 1 day old he went into surgery and spent 2 weeks recovering in the NICU. He showed us his stubbornness and will to live from the very beginning. He is still a stubborn boy that has a love for life and finds the fun in everything. He has an amazing, contagious laugh and I can't forget his ability to roar! Hyrum makes sure that our lives are never dull. He is an excellent student, is reading chapter books and loves to draw. Happy Birthday Hyrum, we love you.

Mother's Day Tea

Ethan invited me to the fourth grade tea on Friday. It was so cute. They sang, played a video with pictures of all the kids as babies and served us cookies and drinks. It was special to have some time together. I am lucky to have such great children.


Princess hair & Princess scooter

Julia got a Princess scooter for her Birthday last month and she is already really fast on it! No fear. I guess that is what happens when you have 2 big brothers! She told me that this hairdo is Snow white. I was thinking of a different princess, but she is the boss!


A Wedding

He were in Santa Barbara this weekend for Heather and Jerry's wedding. Jerry is one of Mike's oldest friends and it was great to be there for the wedding. Nick flew in from Nashville to be there also and the guys enjoyed catching up on things. The ceremony took place on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful site for a wedding.