Being a Mom Is............

Do your kids ever drive you CRAZY???? Mine seem to be having a really hard time listening to anything I say. To start last week off, the boys broke a plate in the kitchen because they thought it was a good place to wrestle. It is like they don't remember we have any rules in our house! Went to Costco with the whole family on Saturday morning. I would not recommend this to anyone. It was so busy, but I had coupons that were about to expire so we had to go. Anyway, the real problem was that the boys wore their Heelies (the shoes with a wheel in them) . I told them before we went in that skating in crowded Costco - cutting people off, falling down in front of people etc. wasn't allowed. Do you think they listened? NO! Mike threatened to make them take their shoes off and walk in their socks and I finally sentenced them to a time out as soon as we got home. An hour later they had eaten lunch, Julia was put down for a nap and I told the boys to go play outside and if anyone slammed the door coming in or out they would be in trouble. They kept coming in saying they were bored and wanted to play video games instead. It was beautiful weather out and they had friends to play with so I did the only thing I could think of - Locked them out! Am I the only Mom that always feels like a bad guy? Sometimes I just wonder what is going on in their little brains!


Catching Up

Playing in the leaves at Granny and Papa's.
Nerd day at school!
My family on Christmas Eve.
My mom brought a bunch of hats for Buddy so he could get in the Holiday spirit!

This pillow pet brought tears to her eyes!
Hyrum finally got a DS! He was sooooooo happy!

Disney on Ice
Snow in the Desert!

Wow.....the end of 2010 flew by and I have really neglected this blog. We went to Idaho in November to visit family, had Thanksgiving with Mike at work, my family joined us here in California for Christmas,we found out that baby #4 is a girl,celebrated the New Year with everyone having the flu and now 2011 is as busy as ever! The boys are both doing science projects( lots of work for Mom). Ethan is super busy with piano - Cert. of Merritt is coming up and he is playing a duet for a festival at Redlands University. Both boys and Mike are training for a mini Triathalon next month. Whew.......I am trying to start planning the bedroom situation since someone has to share now. Life is as busy and exciting as usual! I am posting a few pictures of the fun we had over the past months, enjoy!