Have A Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving wish to all our friends and family. We are on our way to Rexburg,ID for a crisp Thanksgiving celebration with the Bruton's. Hope you enjoy the fun family photos - quite an accomplishment with 3 little ones!

Fun Times of Fall

Miss Julia is 7 1/2 months old now and loves eating in her new highchair. She is crawling really fast and gets into everything. Her favorite place to play is in the pantry. She is starting to pull herself into a standing position and so I lowered the crib mattress. Any Mom can understand what a sad day that is when you have to lower the mattress because your baby isn't such a small baby anymore! Here are our handsome boys on Nov.11 all ready for the Primary program. Ethan did a great job singing and saying his part like the little grown up he is. Our Hyrum was true to form and added a little comic relief to the program. He said his line perfectly and then he came down the stairs and started running down the aisle. I reached out to him and he yelled "I have to go potty!". He headed for the door and I followed with everyone laughing(including Mike and I). You can always count on Hyrum to liven things up!