Time for a "fancy" dinner

Here it is, the new kitchen table we have been dreaming about for years. The old table was a hand-me-down and had seen better days. Mike and I finally have all new furniture in our livingroom,dining room, and family room( it only took 9 years). Now we can work on the bedrooms and office which will probably take another 9 years! Anyway, the kids were so excited to eat dinner at the table last night and theybegged for a "fancy" dinner. This includes a table cloth, fabric napkins, candle light and most important the glass cups. They eat so much better when they feel that dinner is special. It was a fun night together.


It's not about love,it's about the CANDY!!!!!

The boy's were so happy to open their Valentine's this morning. Hyrum will get to have his first Valentine party today at pre-school. He wrote his name on 4 or 5 of the Valentine's and then he was tired so Mom got to do them all. Ethan has had his cards finished for about a week now. The antisipation has been killing him! I get to go in and help with his class party. This will be the first time I've helped this year(I'm a terrible mother!). Mike and I plan to stay home and order in dinner. We are a really exciting bunch nowdays!!!


Picnic in the Park

The kids enjoyed a fun afternoon at the park a few weeks ago. We took a picnic lunch and had fun watching the boys play and Julia explore. This is yet another reason we love the California sun! Picnic in January - who would have thought it was possible!