It's not about love,it's about the CANDY!!!!!

The boy's were so happy to open their Valentine's this morning. Hyrum will get to have his first Valentine party today at pre-school. He wrote his name on 4 or 5 of the Valentine's and then he was tired so Mom got to do them all. Ethan has had his cards finished for about a week now. The antisipation has been killing him! I get to go in and help with his class party. This will be the first time I've helped this year(I'm a terrible mother!). Mike and I plan to stay home and order in dinner. We are a really exciting bunch nowdays!!!


Beth said...

It is all about the candy. I just realized yesterday that those delicious candy hearts are the same as necco candies! Julia is so cute, she looks like she's saying "what's the big deal mom? I know I'm cute!"

Kara said...

I love that picture of Julia. She looks so grown up! Thanks for that band...I think it will get some use.