Little Graduate

Doesn't this face say it all?! Hyrum had his preschool graduation yesterday. He was so proud of himself and he thinks that Kindergarden should start today. His class had a water day and picnic last week and he really enjoyed that. Both the boys are out for summer and I am now the "activity director" for the summer.


Home from Graduation

Here we are after Samantha's graduation. It was a nice ceremony and I really enjoyed my time in Rexburg with my family. All was well at home when I returned! Julia climbed into my suitcase when I got home from Rexburg. She really liked playing in it.
A picture of the kids a few Sunday's ago. The boys love having their pictures taken with little sis.

Julia loves sitting in her princess chair. She also likes to lean back in it untill it tips over. It is great entertainment for all of us!