Camping Out

Mike and the boys joined our ward for the annual "Turkey Shoot" camping trip and had a great time. They camp in the desert in tents,deep fry turkey for dinner,do skits for entertainment,don't go to bed until 11, go shooting in the morning, and come home exhausted!

The Flu

Over the last week and a half we have all had the flu. Poor Julia had it the worst and for the whole week and a half. It is not easy to have sick kids. It really makes you appreciate having everyone healthy. Here's to a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Literacy Week

Several weeks ago the school held Literacy Week along with the book fair. On the final day the kids can dress up as a favorite character from a book and bring that book to school for a chance to win a certificate for the book fair. Ethan was a Knight and took a Magic Tree House book where they go back in time to a castle. And, last minute Hyrum decides he wants to dress up too. I found a Johnny Appleseed book on the shelf and knew we had he makings of that costume and so he was happy too! The librarian was the judge, and both of my boys were winners from their grades. Mike and I were so happy for them.


Halloween Time

What can I say.....We had a great Halloween this year. The boys had fun at school with their party's and carnivals and I had a lot of fun helping out in Hyrums class. Hyrum really liked having his face painted at the carnival.


So,we have been really busy lately and I haven't even mentioned the latest addition to the family! Our 4 year old rottweiler Labrador mix Buddy! He is a gentle giant weighing in at 93 pounds and we all love him. We went to visit my family in Idaho the beginning of October and Buddy belonged to the family next door. We have met him on previous visits to Idaho and saw what a good natured and calm tempered dog he was and we knew that the owner was rarely around to take care of him. So, my Mom asked if we could take him and they said yes. He is a good match for our family. This is me and my Mom and the boys freezing at my brothers football game. It snowed the day we drove home. Brrrrrrr!

Trying to fing a way out of the straw maze.

Hyrum, Ethan and one of their cousins Zachary.