Fun summer pics

Hyrum played goalie at his first soccer game and had some good saves.

Ethan preparing to dive at the Primary swim party.
Julia being cute as can be. Ready to go to Aunt Pam's baby shower. We can't wait to meet baby Isabelle this October.

Playing in the fountains at the mall. The kids love to do this.

Julia wasn't afraid even though she got sprayed in the face a few times.

Hyrum's famous karate chop.

This is what Julia looks like when her hair is down. Cousin IT comes to mind!

Boy Do I Feel Old.....

Ethan turned 8 yesterday. I can't believe that we have a child old enough to be baptized! We had a quiet family party last night and Ethan was thrilled by his great presents. Mike wanted to get him something really special since it was his 8th birthday, so we splurged on a Nintendo DS. I'm still not totally convinced that he is old enough for it but Ethan was overwhelmed and yelled, "You shouldn't have!". We are looking forward to his baptism on Sept.27 at 5:00pm. Time sure flies by and the kids grow up too fast.


Julia's Baby

So, Julia has a favorite "baby" that she doesn't go anywhere without. It is one of those blankie/teddy combos and she can't get enough of it. But, baby has become a problem - for me anyway. I can't tell you how much time I spend each day looking for the thing! She puts it in cupboards, drawers, closets, the tub, the pantry....everywhere! She has to have a it to sleep with and if she is upset, she carries it around and then hides it somewhere and Mommie has to search for it quickly to prevent a tantrum. Yes, my little angel throws temper tantrums. I told Mike we need to buy 3 more of them to have on hand or else we should just get rid of it so that I don't have to search for it anymore! Well, I guess I wouldn't really get rid of it but it does sound nice.


The Greatest Show on Earth!!!!

So, we took the boys to the circus (no, we didn't give them to the circus!!). It was so much fun to see them laugh and be amazed by the different acts. Mike and I really enjoyed it too. I've always thought that the way my children misbehave at church was the Greatest Show On Earth. They put on a good performance most weeks! But, I have to admit that the circus was a great show, and hopefully they will always remember it.