Julia's Baby

So, Julia has a favorite "baby" that she doesn't go anywhere without. It is one of those blankie/teddy combos and she can't get enough of it. But, baby has become a problem - for me anyway. I can't tell you how much time I spend each day looking for the thing! She puts it in cupboards, drawers, closets, the tub, the pantry....everywhere! She has to have a it to sleep with and if she is upset, she carries it around and then hides it somewhere and Mommie has to search for it quickly to prevent a tantrum. Yes, my little angel throws temper tantrums. I told Mike we need to buy 3 more of them to have on hand or else we should just get rid of it so that I don't have to search for it anymore! Well, I guess I wouldn't really get rid of it but it does sound nice.


The Mills Family said...

i guess that would be about the same as a binky...you have to have at least 3 in case one goes missing. Val

Amanda said...

that is so cute! My sister's boy has a blanket that HE LOVES and it is HUGE! She needs to get another "Smaller" version of it.

I need to see pictures of her with this baby. I bet she is so cute!

The Bruton Bunch said...

Did you buy some extras yet? I sure would - plus then she'll have a "pretty one" for special occassions!