Boy Do I Feel Old.....

Ethan turned 8 yesterday. I can't believe that we have a child old enough to be baptized! We had a quiet family party last night and Ethan was thrilled by his great presents. Mike wanted to get him something really special since it was his 8th birthday, so we splurged on a Nintendo DS. I'm still not totally convinced that he is old enough for it but Ethan was overwhelmed and yelled, "You shouldn't have!". We are looking forward to his baptism on Sept.27 at 5:00pm. Time sure flies by and the kids grow up too fast.

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Amanda said...

WOW!!! Time sure does fly! I remember when you were pregnant and cutting my hair when I was going to Ricks! WOW! Time flies!

He sure is a handsome little man. How exciting that he gets to get baptized. How fun! I can't wait to see pictures of the special.

Kids grow up way to fast. One second they are little babies and the next they are big!!!