Fun summer pics

Hyrum played goalie at his first soccer game and had some good saves.

Ethan preparing to dive at the Primary swim party.
Julia being cute as can be. Ready to go to Aunt Pam's baby shower. We can't wait to meet baby Isabelle this October.

Playing in the fountains at the mall. The kids love to do this.

Julia wasn't afraid even though she got sprayed in the face a few times.

Hyrum's famous karate chop.

This is what Julia looks like when her hair is down. Cousin IT comes to mind!


Amanda said...

Your kids are so cute! Julia is a doll! I love her pif tails.

Pam is having a baby? I need to get in contact with that girl, I miss her! Tell her hello for me!

Team Anderson said...

Dillan LOVES your boys and asks when we're going to see them next. They are so much fun!

Love Julia's hair! Too precious!

One more question: I assume you're "Pinky," the kids are "the 3 little Pigs," so does that make Mike the "Big Bad Wolf?" :)

Rebecca said...

I wanted to add that to the name, but Mike doesn't think it's funny! Pinky is my nickname because as a child I loved all things pink.