That't the way it goes....

So, Friday night Mike and I wanted to enjoy an evening out. Bobi and Rich said they would watch the kids so we started getting the kids ready to go. Now that we have 3 kids this can be quit the task even for just an evening out. We got everyone in the van and I went in and out of the house 2 or 3 times for those last minute forgotten things and then we were finally on our way. About 10 minutes down the road Hyrum tells me that Julia has something on her hands. At about the same time I think to myself, Does it smell like throw-up in here? I turn around to look at Julia and sure enough , she has thrown -up all over herself. We tell the boys we will have to go home since Julia's sick and they cry because they don't understand why we still can't go to Grandma's house with their sister covered in barf. Anyway, Mike and I look at each other and I know we are both thinking the same thing, Stinkin' Kids!!! They sure have a way of ruining your best plans. This experience made me even more excited for my trip to Rexburg next week- ALONE!!! Mike will either be super dad of the year or in prison for doing the unthinkable by the time I get home. Thank you for being brave enough to give me a vacation honey, love ya!


"This was the best Birthday ever!"

Hyrum had a great 5th Birthday this Thursday. It started with purple pancakes with sprinkles on top. We went to preschool in the morning and he handed out treats to his friends. When it was time to open presents he was overwhelmed by all the great gifts( thank you to all the grandmas & grandpas out there). For dinner he chose corn dogs and curly fries and we finished the evening up with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting on top. WOW!! What a big boy he is now.


Spring Fever

The beautiful weather has made our kids so happy these past few weeks. They spend every afternoon outside riding bikes, playing baseball, soccer going on family walks and even swimming in the pool. They are always worn out by bedtime - it's been great! Pretty as a flower. My roses have already had some beautiful blooms this summer. I love taking care of them and having fresh cut flowers for the house.
Julia discovered bubbles last week. She thinks they are the greatest thing ever. Why is it that kids just can't get enough of bubbles?! On of lifes simple joys!!!