Making a Life Change

This year has been a year of big changes when it comes to my health. In January, I got serious about loosing the rest of the baby weight and joined weight watchers and started running and doing P90X. I started to feel good and slowly started looking better. It was hard to make that choice everyday to workout and watch what I eat. By June my running had improved a lot and I started to think I might be able to run a 5K. I got the guts to sign up for a local Firecracker run on the 4th of July and it felt great! I did my second 5K last weekend and improved on my time. This coming weekend I will do my first triathlon! It is a mini-tri. 5K run, 14 mile bike ride and 150 meter swim. I have loved challenging myself and doing things I've never done before. I realized the other day that I'm not on a "diet" or "weight loss program". I have made a life change and have been doing it for almost a year! It feel great to know that things I thought were impossible are possible! I am down 35 pounds since Lottie was born and have lost 24 inches total. It feels good!