Snow Day!

Wow! Apple Valley has been turned into a winter wonderland and the boys had their first snow day! It started snowing early Wednesday and kept going all day. Even I was surprised as it kept piling up ( at least 6-8inches here). I could barely get my van up the driveway after getting the boys from school when school was cancelled. We are really enjoying the novelty of it. But there are the down sides too, like our dish wouldn't work because the snow was piled up on it. Mike called a friend to come and sweep it off last night and so the boys are happy to have cartoons back. And shoveling the walk is no fun especially when you don't have a real snow shovel. But the kids are so happy and we will probably never see snow like this again!


Family Pictures 2008

Accomplishments X 2

There are 2 things that have happened that I am excited about. First, Julia has gone without a bottle for 5 days now! All of you Moms that have experienced breaking a baby from a bottle know how hard a time this can be and we are happy to have made it almost a whole week now with almost no crying at all! She is so grown up now. Second, it is my turn to brag a little. I have reached a goal I set a few months ago and lost 20 pounds! I feel great and am proud to have accomplished the goal I set for myself. It can be so hard sometimes to get rid of the extra weight that sneaks up on you between pregnancy's, and I finally did something about it. Yeah for me!!!


Thanksgiving Celebration

This year we spent Thanksgiving at the Taylor's home in Alta Loma . It was so nice to have Mike home and not be traveling this year. Here are a few pictures from dinner at their home.

This is a "sea" of pilgrims and Indians enjoying their feast together. Mike went to Hyrums Kindergarten class to help and he was exhausted when he got home! Hyrum is at the head of the table smiling.

In this picture they are pretending to be on the Mayflower. Hyrum was chosen to climb the ladder and yell " land yo!" He had so much fun!