Thanksgiving Celebration

This year we spent Thanksgiving at the Taylor's home in Alta Loma . It was so nice to have Mike home and not be traveling this year. Here are a few pictures from dinner at their home.

This is a "sea" of pilgrims and Indians enjoying their feast together. Mike went to Hyrums Kindergarten class to help and he was exhausted when he got home! Hyrum is at the head of the table smiling.

In this picture they are pretending to be on the Mayflower. Hyrum was chosen to climb the ladder and yell " land yo!" He had so much fun!

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The Lindsay Family said...

I love looking at your pics because sometimes I get to see the Taylor family - Richard and Bobbi look great and Pam looks so beautiful all grown up! I miss the good old river days with them! Pass along a hello from me! Happy Holidays!!!!!