Snow Day!

Wow! Apple Valley has been turned into a winter wonderland and the boys had their first snow day! It started snowing early Wednesday and kept going all day. Even I was surprised as it kept piling up ( at least 6-8inches here). I could barely get my van up the driveway after getting the boys from school when school was cancelled. We are really enjoying the novelty of it. But there are the down sides too, like our dish wouldn't work because the snow was piled up on it. Mike called a friend to come and sweep it off last night and so the boys are happy to have cartoons back. And shoveling the walk is no fun especially when you don't have a real snow shovel. But the kids are so happy and we will probably never see snow like this again!


The Mills Family said...

got to love the snow...we are getting a storm through here now

Kara said...

I hope you're having a fabulous birthday celebration! Happy Birthday.