So, first of all, we said goodbye to the puppy because he bit Mike last night. I feel like the meanest parent in the world. The kids were all in tears. I just couldn't live with a dog that bites. What if it had been one of the kids? This experience has made me realize what an amazing dog Buddy is. He is calm, gentle, low maintenance and trustworthy. On a happier note, the kids are taking swimming lessons right now and having a great time. Julia is like a little fish! She loves to do bobs and she puts her head in and swims. She is also starting to kick off of the wall. Hyrum is learning to dive and does a great job when he is serious and dives in instead of doing a flip! Ethan is diving, treading water and improving his strokes. They sure love the water! It is fun to see them progress so well.


New doggie!

Here is our new friend! We adopted him from the local animal shelter. He is a miniature dachshund. Only 10 pounds and is 1 1/2 years old. He is very calm and gentle and the kids( especially Hyrum) are enjoying him. They follow him around the house as he explores and try to get him to play!


Raging Waters

I've seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure many times and so it was great to finally go to Raging Waters! We picked a perfect day, sunny but not too hot and not crowded. The kids had an amazing time. Ethan has brave and tried several slides his favorite was the Speed racers. Hyrum rode Thunder Rapids with Ethan and me. You all sit in a huge tube and we got soaked! After that Hyrum stayed with the smaller slides. Julia liked the kiddie pool and by the end of the day was brave enough to try the slide. Mike and Ethan both tried the wave maker. It is like surfing. Mike said it was fun but a lot of work. We had a great time and will probably do it again!

Pickin' Cherries

We were lucky enough to be invited to pick cherries at the Woll's orchard. The kids picked a lot, trying to fill up their buckets. They are delicious Bing cherries. I love the Oak Glen area. So much green and a quaint feeling there.


End of school...Begining of Summer

So we made it to the last day of school. Ethan (holding the yellow certificate) earned an award at the end of school. Hyrum did too and he was given the"Whopper" award by his teacher for always having a "whopper"of a story to tell! We went to the spray park with some friends yesterday. The kids had so much fun so we stayed for 4 hours! Then they still wanted to swim after dinner. I guess they can't get enough of the water!


Home improvements

I feel like it never ends! Cleaning,organizing, making things better around the house. These last few weeks we did a few projects. A light over the kitchen table ( it took me 5 years to find one I liked!). Shelves and a work bench in the garage to get all the junk off the floor. And finally, I found a way to get my grout clean, I painted it! The house is looking good now!

Hyrum's Butterfly garden

Hyrum wanted a Butterfly garden for his birthday. For the last 2 weeks we watched the caterpillars grow and then make cocoons. Then we waited for them to emerge. All 10 of them made it out alive! We watched them for a few days, feeding them sugar water, and then said goodbye to Fly-guy, Mario, Sonic, Bowzer and all the others.