So, first of all, we said goodbye to the puppy because he bit Mike last night. I feel like the meanest parent in the world. The kids were all in tears. I just couldn't live with a dog that bites. What if it had been one of the kids? This experience has made me realize what an amazing dog Buddy is. He is calm, gentle, low maintenance and trustworthy. On a happier note, the kids are taking swimming lessons right now and having a great time. Julia is like a little fish! She loves to do bobs and she puts her head in and swims. She is also starting to kick off of the wall. Hyrum is learning to dive and does a great job when he is serious and dives in instead of doing a flip! Ethan is diving, treading water and improving his strokes. They sure love the water! It is fun to see them progress so well.

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The Bruton Bunch said...

Look at them go - like little fish!

And you did the right thing as far as the new dog- there was no choice.