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Ethan loved using Uncle Mark's kayak
Julia helping Grandpa drive the boat

Julia and Isabelle

The kids went on a treasure hunt. Here they are about to set out to find the next clue!

Ethan, Hyrum and Julia out for a family boat ride to find some ducks to feed.

What would a family picture be without at least 1 unhappy kid!? Hyrum didn't want to ride on the boat but we are mean parents and made him go anyway.

The Rich Taylor Family. Everyone was there this year and it was a lot of fun.

Gavin, Roxy and Hyrum on Uncle Sam's boat.

Lake Silverwood and the Beach

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Before leaving on the annual family trip to Shaver Lake, we got in some time at the beach with friends of our. The kids all had a great time. While at Lake Silverwood, Ethan finally knee boarded and he loves it. We are so proud of him!


Happy 4th America

We had a really nice 4th of July this year. The only thing missing was having Mike home with us. I love this picture of Julia with Grandpa, she gave the best smile of the day sitting with him! I took the kids to a pancake breakfast at the chuch then we went to daddy's fire station to say hello. The kids had to play on the engine for a while and then we drove to Bobi and Rich's house for swimming and a BBQ. The kids had so much fun seeing their cousins and eating homemade icecream. That night I took them to the local fireworks show and we even did a few sparklers together. It was a fun way to celebrate this great country we live in.
Julia and cousin Isabelle in the matching tops I made them. They looked so cute together!

At Dad's fire station...Julia being silly as usual.

My 3 little firecrackers!


About a week ago we took the kids to Legoand. It was our first trip there and the kids had a great time. All the rides are made out of legos and our boys were the perfect age to really enjoy it. Julia was able to go on a few rides and she loved the splash park which was really fun. We had a great time and stayed until it closed!