So last week was filled with the kind of excitement that no parent likes. Sick kids and a trip to the ER were on the agenda. Hyrum started a fever about a week and a half ago and then got a terrible cough. This went on for about 5 days then one night he woke up coughing and barely able to breath, I told Mike he should go to the Emergency room. They spent 2 1/2 hour there and found out he had pneumonia. (The same night Julia had come down with a fever a thrown up on Mike while I was out to dinner with friends. )Mike and Hyrum got home at 5:30am and Mike had to go to work that day after having no sleep. I had to go to the local pharmacy with the 2 sick kids to fill Hyrum's prescriptions and when I got there they said one of the drugs wasn't approved for children under 12. So the pharmacist calls the ER to talk to the DR and verify that Hyrum needs this drug or see if it is a mistake and the hospital says they don't have a doctor by that name working there! I spent an hour and a half waiting while they called each other back and forth trying to straighten the mess out. The kids were exhausted and grouchy and it was one of those moment where in sucks to be a parent! I have to report that everyone is healthy now and Hyrum is happy to be back to school. Who knew he would have been begging to go back to school again!?

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Beth said...

I'm sorry everyone was so sick! Yuck!