Lake Havasu

So,we suvived another family vacation! Enjoyed the last bit of hot weather and Ethan knee boarded for the first time.Yahoo!!!We were so proud of brave Ethan!
Mommy can't get enough of this little sweetie! She sure brightens up our lives. She has been trying to crawl and weighed in at 12 pounds 11 ounces at her 6 month appointment.

Our bright Hyrum -planting the tennis balls so that he will have more!

Such a happy girl. We have a hard time getting pictures of her without her thumb (or foot) in her mouth! This was her first time wearing pigtails. I've been waiting years for this moment!


Beth said...

What will Hyrum plant next? Watermelong seeds? No, pumpkin seeds - it's the season

mikesuzannebruton said...

We're proud of you for getting in the water Ethan

mikesuzannebruton said...

Hyrum, do you have any baby tennis balls yet? Keep watering them!

mikesuzannebruton said...

Julia, you sure have a sweet little smile - do you have daddy wrapped around your finger yet?