A Beautiful Easter Day!

We had a really nice Easter this year. Mike was able to be home with us and that always makes things perfect. Here are the boys enjoying an egg hunt. Julia was taking her nap after a long morning at church. We let her have her own egg hunt in the house later that day.
Sweet Julia was such a show off at church today. She most have known just how cute she looked!

Daddy with the kids. It was such a sunny, beautiful day. We had the Taylor's over for dinner in the afternoon and really enjoyed all of the good company. Mike cooked wonderful bacon wrapped fillets on the BBQ and we had some fresh strawberry shortcake for desert.

The boys loved coloring the Easter eggs. Hyrum dropped 2 of them though and they cracked. Then he didn't want anything to do with them once they were ruined.

Granny sent these cute head bands. The kids love dressing up in them.

My little bunny has been doing a little hopping of her own. The boys jump aroun her saying "boing,boing,boing" and she follows along doing her best hop. There are always a lot of falls and giggles too!


Beth said...

How cute! What a fun Easter. It was super nice here, despite the earliness the weather was lovely and we had a nice day.

The Bruton Bunch said...

Just llok at all of my little Easer bunnies!!!