Niagara Falls

Mike and I had a wonderful trip together in Niagara Falls. The first picture of the falls is taken from our hotel room-we had an awesome view! We spent 4 days there and then went on to Palmyra, Ny and stayed at the Martin Harris home with a missionary couple from our ward. We really enjoyed seeing the church historical sights and the day we went to the sacred grove there was no one else there. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip.


Beth said...

I'm guessing the forrest shots are of the Sacred Grove, too bad you weren't there when it has leaves. It's a green unlike anything you've ever seen!

The Mills Family said...

i do agree with Beth...it is beautiful there with all of the leaves. As soon as you walk in you can feel of the spirit.

Kara said...

The sacred grove may have been a little brown, but at least you didn't have to contend with the crowds (I hate crowds)! That was an amazing view you guys had and I love the spring pics.