Trying to Cope

We went to church yesterday and the stake presidency was sitting on the stand. Everyone was asking each other, Do you know what's going on? What are they doing here today? So when it is the stake Presidents turn he says that they are making boundary changes to the ward , he then puts a map up on the projector for us to see the changes and our neighborhood has been taken out of the ward and put in with another, smaller ward. Mike has been predicting this for years because we live pretty far away from the rest of the members in the ward , I guess I never believed it would really happen. So, we are supposed to attend the new ward right away, This was our last Sunday with our friends. It was a shock . I sat and cried during sacrament meeting. Mostly because the ward we are moving to has a primary of only about 8 kids! It is going to be hard to be happy about this.

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The Bruton Bunch said...

Just be happy you have people you know going with you! Give it time and I know things will work out.