Trick or Treat

Julia is absolutely in love with Tinkerbell right now and so naturally she dressed up as her for Halloween. She won the award for Prettiest Costume at our church carnival. She was such a little trooper going around our neighborhood trick or treating. She ran the whole time trying to keep up with the boys.
Ethan was a Star wars clone trooper. He went to a friends Halloween party on Friday night. They did karaoke and played games. He felt very grown up to stay out until 9:30.

This is Hyrum the Vampire at his school party. I went in to help and had a lot of fun helping with the crafts and games.

I love these Mr. Potato head pieces for the pumpkins. It is such an easy way to decorate without a mess.

My 3 little pumpkins all ready for church. I realized that I had dressed them all in the same color and thought it would make a cute picture!

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Beth said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween and recital!