3 Day's 'Till Granny's House

This past Sunday our ward finally had the Primary Program and the boys both did a wonderful job. We are now very busy getting ready to leave this Sunday to fly to Rexburg,Idaho for Christmas with my family. I will be flying with all 3 kids and Mike has to stay behind and work on Christmas Day but he will be able to join us the day after Christmas and he has some skiing planned so that makes things all better!

This was our families first attempt at a Gingerbread house and while we had a lot of fun, I'm sure our technique could use improving! Today is the last day of school for Ethan and Hyrum and we are looking forward to all the fun times that await us in Idaho with Grandparents,Aunts,Uncles, Cousins and the snow!!!!!

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Beth said...

I can't believe how long Julia's hair is and can't wait to see you all!