Julia turned 3!!!

Wow...how time flies! I remember 3 years ago not daring to believe she was really a girl until the moment she was born and I saw for myself. This little girl has brought so much joy to our lives. She likes to sing and make believe. She is always the princess and the rest of us play the roles of prince, witch, dragon and fairy. After every meal she eats she tells me she is big now and ready for school. She knows the words to a few Mama Mia songs and is so cute when she sings them. Overall, she finds a way to make me smile everyday and I don't want her to grow up and go to school. Selfish, I know. We had a fun B-day party with a pink cake that she helped me make. Mike's family joined us for dinner and and a party. Julia now has a play kitchen and loves to cook pancakes. She also got a princess scooter and rides it when we go to get the mail. Such a big girl!

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The Bruton Bunch said...

Glad to hear she had a great day.