We had our Primary program last Sunday. The kids worked so hard to learn their songs and speaking parts. Ethan even played 'Keep the Commandments" and did such a nice job. He is a brave boy! Julia and the nursery age kids went up to do sign language to "Follow the Prophet". She was very serious about doing her part and worked hard to get it right! The songs are always so touching and sweet. I loved it so much this year. Mike was on duty but he came over with his crew and snuck in the back to watch the kids. So glad he could be there too.


Jamie Lindsay said...

your kiddos are getting big! Our primary program is coming up and I am stressed because I am the music chorister in primary and I hope the kids know their stuff! Your vacations this summer looked like they were a lot of fun too!!

The Bruton Bunch said...

I wish we could have been there for the Primary program. The kids are sure growing up and learning so many things. You and Mike are great parents and I'm grateful you make such an effort to teach your kids correct principles.