Credit Card Fraud

I should be writing about the joy of the Holiday season, but I just found out that our credit card has been stolen.....again. Does this happen to anyone else? This is the second time in the past 4 months for us. Our card was used for some online purchases and to top it off our address changed. The credit card company said they received a change of address notification from the post office, so they changed it without calling to verify things with us! If you are a thief you don't have to be too smart since the companies that claim to be secure don't really seem to have good safety measures in place. This has happened to us several times in the past few years. Once with our debit card which was used to buy about $500 worth of stuff at Sears about 1 week before Christmas. Definitely not a good time to have your account tapped into! I have had enough! I rarely shop online and now I will never shop online. What a pain!

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The Bruton Bunch said...

I'm SO sorry! Yesterday the same thing happened to my friend Conna. But it was her debit card. Someone bought groceries in New York. Hang in there - and when you're online as long ass the address is HTTPS - the S means it's secure - you'll be okay - I do lots of online shopping.