One month to go!!!!!

Some of our favorite bows
Baby shoes!!!

I love this bedding with the birds and owls

Baby girl crib
Julia's Bed

I can't wait for our little girl to arrive. I especially can't wait for the need to use the bathroom every 45 minutes to be gone! I have been really lucky so far and am still pretty comfortable though. We started getting the house ready back in March so everything is done except for setting up the cradle. We painted Julia's old room and moved Ethan in there. Painted a dresser and desk for Julia and bought a big girl bed. Then we also finally painted the hall bathroom after being in the house for 6 years. I feel like I have cleaned out every cupboard, closet and drawer to organize things and make room for another person in this house. It seemed so big when we moved in and had only 2 kids! Now we are using up every inch of space. And in case I didn't mention it, this girl is already spoiled! We love shoes and headbands!

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The Bruton Bunch said...

I"d forgotten how much "frilly stuff" you have- and you've weeded through it too! WOW!