Bobi and Rich gave Mike and I tickets to see 'Wicked' for Christmas. We went to the show on Friday night and absolutely loved it. We sat in the 8th row fron the stage! We enjoyed an amazing dinner at BOA before the show. Truffle "Nacho's" , Caesar Salad(made table side), Garlic mashed potatoes, bamboo steamed vegetables, Filet Mignon and homemade cookies and ice cream for desert. Oh, and the fresh french rolls were the best! We really loved the food and had a great night out.


Beth said...

I'm so jealous you got to see the show! I need to see if a touring a production is coming to SLC any time soon.

Adriana said...

I've seen it twice and hope to go again... it's so good!!!

teamstowell said...

I have wanted to see Wicked for years now. Please tell Mike to talk Nick into buying tickets!! I'll owe you big!!