WINTER BREAK (aka torture for MOM)

Well, thank goodness for video games. Ethan has been out of school for 2 days and I am having a hard time keeping him happy. He has to be busy all the time or he ends up in a bad mood. Every morning he asks: What are we doing today? Are he going somewhere? Are some friends coming to play? When will Dad be home? The answer to that is Christmas Day. Mike is on a 4 day shift right now.Ugh! I hope we make it to Christmas. Then we have to keep Ethan happy for another 2 1/2 weeks until he is back in school. Wish me luck!!! Miss Julia has an ear infection and a cold. You wouldn't know it by her sweet smile though. We saw the Dr. on Tuesday and she is 14 pounds and 26 1/4 inches long. Way to grow little bug!
Hyrum's pre-school party left me over-stimulated and grouchy. 20 kids, plus parents doing crafts, eating and waiting for Santa. I was so glad that Hyrum was the 5th in line to see Santa so we could get home! I'm burned out and ready for all the parties, planning, and pressure to be over.

This is at the ward Christmas party. Julia wasn't very happy to see santa. The boy's gave him a few requests for toy's . I hope he can make them in time! Merry Christmas everyone!


Kara said...

Hang in there Rebecca...you do an awesome job pulling everything off by yourself!

Beth said...

Sometimes Christmas is too fun! I'm glad we just stayed home & had a quiet day with Granny & Papa!