Bags & Braids

So here it is! This is the custom made diaper bag that I ordered from Eighty Daisies. I love it! They have tons of fabrics to choose from and then they made you a one of a kind bag that is sewn by a mom and the quality is amazing. If you like unique things check out their site.
Mike is going to love carrying this with all the beads and pom-poms don't you think!?

This was my first attempt at a french braid on Julia. Not bad considering she doesn't sit still!


teamstowell said...

So cute!! I love Julia's hair! It took forever for Lauren to grow anything to work with, you're so lucky!!
Fun bag, I'm going to have to check them out! Hope Mike stays close to home, we're hoping no news is good news! Take care!!

The Bruton Bunch said...

That's quite the bag- did you order a matching mini sized one for "herself"?

Team Anderson said...

Love that bag! Be sure to get a picture of Mike carrying it around!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to do Hannah's hair all girly. I love that!!!!

I'm totally loving your diaper bag! How stylish!!!!