LA County Fair

We finally made it to the fair! We have been talking about going for the last 3 years or so and haven't been able to find time to go. This week we took the boys out of school a few hours early and away we went to find the funnel cake and BBQ! Ethan volunteered at a demonstration and then found out that he would be holding a snake! He was so brave. But the look on his face was so funny.
The boys tried these trampolines with a harness.You can do a back flip if you are brave. Of cource the kids just jumped up and down the whole time and Mike & I talked about how our parents never would have paid for us to go on something like this because it is a "waste of money"!

The good old slide on the sratchy sack. This is always a favorite ride.

This is the indoor Winter wonderland. The boys must have gone sledding for a good half hour & the best part is you climb up stairs to get to the top of the hill. How easy is that!!!

Riding the tractor in the big red barn, We liked seeing all the animals. Julia called everything a puppy!

Ice cream! We know the way to this little girls heart! It was a really fun day for everyone. The kids won some goldfish (yea!) and Mike and I were really glad that we had a good family day together.


Team Anderson said...

How Fun! Your boys are so fun and Julia's too cute.
We're hoping to make it to the baptism next weekend!

Kara said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I love the idea of sledding indoors and not having to make the hike up a mountain each time. You made lots of good memories!

Beth said...

LOL - Only Californians would think it's exciting to have a winter wonderland in September. The rest of us know the real thing is just around the corner ;)

Adriana said...

Fun stuff... How do I do it all? You ask... Honestly I think I have ADD!haha