End of School

Hyrum's class had a parents day last week where they invited a parent to come and see what they have been doing all year. His teacher had a memory book for each student and we watched a DVD slideshow of all they have done this year. The kids had made me an apron with their names signed on it as a thank you for helping in the classroom this year. I can't believe Hyrum has graduated from kindergarden, I will have so many special memories of the past year.
Ethan finished up spring soccer and had a fun team party where he received a medal. It is nice to be done with soccer and cub scouts for the summer. He still has piano and swim lessons to keep him busy though.

Ethans class learned a lot about the Westward movement and had a hoedown and mock Oregon trail hike just before school ended. They sewed the hats and skirts they are wearing- it was quit the project but I enjoyed being a part of it. Mike got to be there the day of the hike. Ethan really had a good year and will be moving on to fourth grade next year!


The Mills Family said...

looks like you had an awesome good time

Beth said...

That reminds me of making an apron in Kindergarten for Thanksgiving. Though why you'd think having Kindergarteners sew is a good idea, I'll never know!

Rebecca said...

They didn't sew it - they signed their names on it. But it is embroidered saying Hyrum's Mom Kindergarden 2008-2009. Very cute!