Mike, his dad and some friends were part of a 12 person team that ran the Ragnar this weekend. It is a relay race from Logan to Park City, Ut that is 188 miles and took their team abot 32 hours to complete. Part of the novelty of this race, is coming up with a creative team name and dressing up to run and decorating the vehicles. They were the Scipio Hog Callin' Time Runners. They played "music" at the start line before the race and drew a lot of attention to themselves and ended up being voted most likeable team ( or something to that affect) and will be receiving trophees for it! Mike had a great time and will probably run again next year. We were really proud of all the work he put into preparing for the race, he is awesome!

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Beth said...

Wow, that's a pretty hick looking band! Congrats on the trophy!