Our Crazy Life....Make That My Crazy Life!!!!

I was thinking back to the good old days when the boys were little and we stayed home all day bored. Now I never have a day to just be home. If you are interested here is a look at our weekly schedule! Now I won't write the obvious (breakfast, bus , lunch , dinner etc. just the extra that is taking over my life)!

Monday: AM I help in Ethan's class, pick up Julia from babysitter (she is only 2 blocks from the school). PM This is one of the best evenings because we are actually home and can have family night together.

Tuesday: AM I help in Hyrum's class.It is so fun to be with these first graders all morning! Pick up Julia and go home to get some work done. PM Ethan has play practice at school.

Wednesday: AM This is the day I go to the grocery store and Target etc. I try to get started by 9:00 so that we are home in time for lunch and Julia's nap. Pick the boys up at 3:00 from the bus.PM Ethan has cub scouts 4:45-5:45. This is in the middle of our normal dinner time so I drop him off,we come home and eat,pick him up and he eats alone when he gets home.Poor kid!

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