Part 2 - Crazy Life

Thursday: AM Clean house for Presidency meeting in afternoon - this is every Thursday from 3:30-5:00. Both boys have play practice (The Wizard of Oz) until 4:00. As you see this creates a little problem with me being able to pick them up while having my meeting, luckily I have a good friend that helps me out. PM after a quick dinner we go to Ethan's basketball practice from 7-8 in a very stinky gym! Everyone is tired by the time we get home.

Friday: AM Get the kids off to school, hopefully with all their homework done and prepared for their spelling tests. I take a minute to relax! PM celebrate because there is no homework tonight. Ethan has piano lessons at 4:15. Julia and Hyrum sit in the van and watch a DVD while I listen to his lesson. We get home for dinner and sometimes have family movie night.

Saturday: AM Clean the house. The boys clean their rooms, sort laundry,dust and do dishes. I do most of the rest. When Mike is home he helps of course. Then he go to basketball games. Last week they were at the same time at different locations. Mike was working and so this makes for a problem since there is only 1 me! His parents drove up from Rancho to see the boys play and help me out. PM If Mike is home we try to go out because we need it by the end of the week!

Sunday: AM Sleep in till 7:30! We have 11:00 church right now. All I can say about Sunday is that it is supposed to be a day of rest but if you have kids,a calling and a husband that is gone half the time it is hardly restful!

So, there you have it. My week in a nutshell. Somewhere in there I do the laundry, help with homework,piano,read to kids,play make believe, give baths,sing songs,find lost toys, feed the dog,go visiting teaching and remember to kiss my husband! I love my busy life!


Beth said...

So I guess I should copy this down and make sure I call at appropriate times. Though from this schedule it appears that there is no evening for me to call, since I'm at work all day ;)Sorry you've had headaches and it's been such a busy regular week on top!

The Mills Family said...

I know your pain...especially when I need sleep in the middle of the night. Kids are great!