So the boys and Mike,Grandma,Grandpa,Pam and Jonathan all raced in a sprint triathlon last weekend. It was held at the Los Alamitos army base. It looked like we would have rain all day but as we arrived the sun came out and it was nice except for the wind. Ethan did a half mile run, mile bike ride and 50 meter swim. Hyrum did a half mile run, half mile ride and 50 meter swim. The adults did a 5K, 12 mile bike ride and 200 meter swim. It was fun to cheer everyone on and see them finish what they had trained so hard for.


The Bruton Bunch said...

Way to go guys! Looks like everyone had a great time - wish we could have been there. Mike, you and the boys need to do another one together - we'd love to see it.

Kara said...

That is so CUTE that the boys did that. I bet Julia felt a little jipped. Heaven knows that little fish probably had what it took!