Busy Boys

The boys both entered the science fair this year. Ethan grew his own rock candy and Hyrum explored what would brake up a nail the most. They both worked hard and Ethan earned a first place award while Hyrum got a second ( not bad for his first year)! They are both smart boys!

Ethan played a duet last Sunday at Redlands Univ. for a piano festival. It was a good experience for him. He and his partner received medals for Honorable Mention. They played Broadway Lights. I am so proud that he is brave enough to get up and preform in front of judges.

Julia started sucking her thumb at 3 months old. We were thrilled because before that she was a screamer and hard to console. Well, 3 1/2 years later it isn't so cute and we can't get her to stop. We tried bribes like getting a new big girl bed or going to Disneyland but it didn't work. Now we have gotten mean! I had to buy the horrible tasting stuff to put on her nail and I hope it helps.


The Bruton Bunch said...

I remember "THUM". It is evil! I think Granny used on ME!! Poor JuJu - I think you've met your match!

Rebecca said...

Thum stands no chance against Julia's stubborn personality. She sucks it right off and keeps sucking!